Opening a Commercial Account at H.C. Group Auto Parts Supply, LLC

1. Must be a valid business

Please show a valid state/county business license in an automotive-related field

2. To be a tax-free business

Please show S.C. Retail License in the automotive industry and provide a scanned copy (Social Security Numbers and Federal Employer Identification numbers are not acceptable by the State Law)

3. Only cash and company checks are acceptable for deliveries

4. Cash, company check, and debit card are acceptable for office transactions

Benefits of having a commercial account 

1. Receive a shop discount

2. May be eligible for delivery*

3. May reserve auto parts for 3 days

*Please call our office for delivery regions and schedule

Stay Connected

Office: (803) 776-2011

145 Atlas Court

Columbia, SC 29209

Store hours:

Mon.- Fri. 8 am to 5 pm

Located in 77 South Business Park, 5th warehouse on the right.

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