Bring the invoice and parts in original packaging for refund.


Satisfy the four rules of H.C.Group return policy and we will issue a cash refund on the spot


Returned parts are accepted for refund if they are undamaged after purchase*

Return Policy for H.C. Group Auto Parts Supply, LLC

Starting January 1st, 2020 - all returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. 

To guarantee a refund:


1) Present the invoice of the returning parts.**


2) Parts must be in original, undamaged condition. Parts should NOT be painted.


3) Parts must have original, unaltered packaging.


4) No returns are accepted after 30 days.


If any one or more of the conditions is not met, you may receive a partial refund on the following conditions:


1) If the parts have been painted, H.C. Group will try to sell the parts to other customers at a discounted price. Once sold, H.C. Group will then issue the refund based on the discounted price sold.


2) If the packaging is altered, missing, and/or not in original condition, a 20% handling charge may be applied.


Under any other circumstances, H.C. Group will not issue a refund.

If parts are damaged after inspection and purchase, H.C. Group will not issue a refund.

We do NOT accept anything PAINTED. We are NOT responsible for any paint, labor, or materials involved in all returns.



*Policy may be subject to change on a case by case scenario

**Parts must belong to H.C. Group

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